Pet Sitting

Dogs: If you are traveling out of town we suggest at least 2 Pet Sitting Visits for your dog to avoid boredom and to provide the sense of safety along with comfort. While we will exercise your dog on each of those visits we recommend adding a Mid-Day Dog Walk to your pet’s schedule too so they can burn off any excess energy.

Cats: For our feline friends, we provide one to two visits a day depending on their needs. While we are visiting we will provide fresh food and water from cleaned dishes, clean their feeding area up, and take care of their bathroom area. Not only do we scoop the box at each visit but we will sweep up any excess litter that comes off their paws. The remaining time will be spent doing whatever it is your cat(s) wants to do: playing, brushing, petting or just sitting around to enjoy the company.
If you have indoor/outdoor cats we request that they remain indoors for their vacation. Any pet who is able to roam unattended outside is at risk of many things which Eat.Play.Stay. Pet Care cannot be responsible for.

Caged/Tanked Pets: We provide care for all pocket pets including guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, mice and rats. Also we provide care for other exotics such as reptiles, avian (birds), fish and some farm animals. We will feed their regular diet and provide fresh water daily. We will provide fresh bedding and clean cages/tanks as needed in order to do a complete change we request that you provide a temporary cage to hold your pet while we clean their regular habitat.

Typical Pet Sitting visit services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Security check of the home
  • Replenishing of food & water as needed
  • Open/close curtains & blinds, rotate lights on & off
  • Play the television and/or radio
  • Turn on & off fans or heater
  • Pick up mail & newspapers
  • Lots of "TLC"
  • Brushing as requested
  • Accident clean up
  • Removal of Litter box waste
  • Fresh bedding for caged animals
  • Play & exercise with your pet
  • Watering of plants inside & Outside
  • Logging of that days visit

* We conduct pet sit visits before 9:00am and after 2pm. We try to keep a flexible schedule so to accommodate everyone’s needs to the best of our ability.