Additional services include vet assistant services!

Pet Taxi

Running short on time to take your pet to the groomer or vet? We’ll safely transport your pet within an 8-mile radius of your home. Each additional mile is $2. Vet appointments are additionally charged as Daily Care visits for each 30 minute block of time spent with your pet at the vet’s office. Let Eat.Play.Stay. Pet Care come to the rescue! We’ll take care of any pet transportation needs you may have so your day won’t skip a beat.

$20 one way – 8-mi.

Bath, Brushing and blow dry

It can be a real struggle to find the time to wash your dog in the bath tub at home. Especially after a long day at work or when you are trying to make it to family gatherings on the weekends. You leave the mess for us to clean! Don’t worry about spraying off with a garden hose it’s just too cold and uncomfortable for your pet, even in the summer time. We will use your current shampoo or if you prefer, we can use our all natural essential oil shampoo at no additional charge. Baths include a brush-out before the bath and after drying. Pets will be dried by hand then blown dry. We want to help you share a happy and healthy clean life with your pet!

$15 (additional charge; done during scheduled Pet Sitting/Daily Care visit)

Nail Trim

Keep your pet’s feet feeling and looking healthy. Did you know that unkempt claws can cause to be problematic. Nails can get caught in rugs, while playing outside or when getting in and out of the car and tear, causing trauma and bleeding. They can also grow into your pet’s footpads and cause infections. In addition to all of that if their nails are too long they can cause problems while they walk such as slipping or poor posture if not properly maintained. We provide nail trims for dogs, cats, and some other small mammals. Some animals may require more time and or additional counterconditioning depending on their past experiences.

$10 starting per pet (Done during scheduled Pet Sitting/Daily Care visits)

Ear Cleaning

Why wait until your pet is shaking their head when they enter the room or until the odor from their ear is more than you can bare? By that time the odds are that they already have an infection requiring medications on a daily basis. This is why we offer simply ear cleaning as an added service to your pet’s visit. Like you and me, they too need to have their ears cleaned out.It is very important though to avoid commercial or homemade cleansers that contain alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or gentian violet — all of which can cause the ears to inflame. I use highly recommended veterinary formula solution and am a trained professional.

$9 per pet (additional charge; done during scheduled Pet Sitting/Daily Care visit)

Anal Gland Expression

Most animals can empty these gland voluntarily for either scent marking or self defense, like skunks do. However others lost their ability to empty these sac with can leave them feeling really uncomfortable. Walking around and normal defecation typically will aid in emptying the sacs but other times it doesn’t. Therefore the sacs become full and sometimes impacted, which again is very uncomfortable.

Dogs who are found scooting or licking around the anal area are often in need of an anal sac expression and are attempting to express them their-selves. Cats will often lick the fur just under the tail.

If you ever see you pet paying close attention to their anal area then maybe your pet needs assistance. We offer anal sac expressions for dogs and cats. This service is typically done outside in the back yard or in the bathtub. The substance in which is secreted has a strong odor therefore recommend adding on a bath for afterward. Even if no bath is elected, we will use a cleaning spray to help remove the smell. This will leave your pet feeling comfortable once again.

$10 Starting (Done during scheduled Pet Sitting/Daily Care visit)

Administration of subcutaneous fluids & other Medication administration

ust like us, many pets require prescribed medications to improve or just maintain their existing health conditions. Whether your pet has recently had an operation, was diagnosed with an illness, or just needs his or her monthly heartworm & flea medication, we’re experts at making sure your pet gets their regular dose.

With Eat.Play.Stay. Pet Care, your pet care provider is a highly-skilled and trained Veterinary Assistant with years of experience administering medications of all kinds. Whether the medication must be taken orally or injected, the health of your pet is our #1 priority and we’ll get the job done with care and compassion. Even if your pet requires administering subcutaneous shots and fluids — or “sub-Qs” — prescribed by your veterinarian. We are here to help make yours and your pet’s life apart of ours!

Rate is determined at the time of your FREE consultation and re-evaluated as medications are changed