When you can't be there...

If you’re anything like me, you have an incredible connection with your pet making them family. When you’re away, you want nothing more than to make sure they’re with someone who will love them just as much as you do. That’s why I started Eat.Play.Stay. Pet Care. We open more than our calendars to families, we open our hearts as well. So go to work or take that extended vacation knowing your furry family member is in great hands! As the East Bay's most friendliest dog walkers, we will make sure to treat them like our own.

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Family Member Spotlight

Some of our children are covered with hair, fur, feathers, scales or even gills. Nonetheless, our love for them is the same as for our human family. Our families and their companions mean so much to us that shinning a light on them is something we take great pride in doing!


Emile was a circus performer in a past life. He can often be found posing or prancing to the delight of his human friends. When Emile wants to play, he’ll either drag his blanket into the living room, or ostentatiously chew on a piece of fuzz to get us to chase him. He loves getting pet or snuggling up next to people. Most of all, he loves his doggy brother Marco.

Pet Care Services

Personalized Individual Pet Care Services. A wide range of services from Daily Private Dog Walks to Overnight Pet Sitting that can be customized & personalized to fit your unique situation.

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Vet Asst. Services

We provide more than just playtime for your dog – we also cater to you by providing add-on services for convenience since we know our customers are busy people!

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Pet Gallery

Every moment counts! Daily Dog Walks, Overnight Pet Sitting, even the in-house play times. Our families deserve all the TLC they can get. Let the photos speak for themselves.

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Important Links

Keep your pets safe and well cared for at the tip of your fingers. Here you will find facts on animal health, pet insurance, pet friendly vacations spots and more!

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