Leaving on vacation is meant to be fun and exciting not a ticket to the stress express. Who can blame you though. Leaving on vacation usually means having to pack every toy, blanket, bed, food, treat, and for some lots of medications... and we don’t mean you. So, give yourself a break and even better give your furry companion the comfort of being able to stay at home with their routine uninterrupted.

This optional service has limited availability but offers an abundance of comfort to you and your companion. Our overnight assistant will arrive on the evening you leave, stay overnight and each night be sure we are spending around 12 hours in your home to ensure they’re staying with their regular eating, playing and sleeping habits. Offering them their usual feeding, walk, more attention than the they will know what to do with and lastly a bedtime potty break. In the morning, we will take them out, feed them and give them unconditional love. If you should need additional time in the middle of the day then ask us about our pet sitting visits/ private dog walk that can be added to give them that afternoon break.

Offer your furry member the benefit of having someone stay in their home overnight with them. Leave the inconveniences and corporate taste at the kennels.

* Recommenced to book 3-4 weeks in advance when time permits. Limited availability.