Pet Services - Clayton CA

Pet Services available in Clayton CA

  • Daily Pet Care: 30 minute in-home/backyard visit (including potty breaks)
  • Private Dog Walks: 30 minute leash walk around your neighborhood
  • Overnight Pet Care: In-home overnight stay
  • Pet Sitting: Daily Pat Care visits while you travel (typically 2 visits per day)
  • Pet Taxi: Take your pet to/from designated location (within 10 mile radius of home)
  • Bath, Brushing & Blow Dry *: In-home pet bath
  • Nail Trim *: Trim your pet's nail (dogs, cats, and some other small mammals)
  • Ear Cleaning *: Clean your pet's ears
  • Anal Gland Expression *: Yea... we even do this!
  • Medication Administration *: Administer certain medications needed by your pet
  • Poop Scoop *: Clean your yard of poo.
* These services are only available during daily/pet sitting visits.